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Introducing Decisions V.9: Streamlining Project Management and Design Excellence for Process Automation

May 30, 2024


To deliver on our vision of continuously improving ease of use for our customers, we are pleased to announce Decisions V.9, a significant leap forward for our intuitive process automation platform. Packed with enhancements tailored to refine project management, simplify performance monitoring, and deliver exceptional designer experience, this version empowers users to achieve design excellence with considerably less effort.

We are grateful to our customers who drive our product upgrades through their feedback and new feature recommendations. Their insights, combined with ever-evolving industry technology trends, have culminated in the following advancements in the Decisions platform.

ProjectHub for Centralizing Organization

Organizing process automation projects and efficiently moving them to completion can be convoluted to manage depending on:

  • Number of tasks occurring simultaneously
  • An organization’s size and industry
  • A company’s emphasis on digital transformation
  • Involvement of different departments, functions, or systems
  • Number of team members working concurrently

Having a centralized location to orchestrate, communicate, and collaborate on projects is the advantage of the newly developed ProjectHub. Reducing complexity with better project management leads to faster deployment and completion of projects and increases developer and designer work accuracy.

With ProjectHub, everyone involved operates with the same project views, dependencies, and timelines. And by organizing designer elements into automated folders and implementing a scoped structure, tracking and maintenance within Decisions become easier than ever before.

New Views for Enhanced Transparency 

New dashboards increase at-a-glance analysis and views of project metrics.

  • The Health Dashboard enables users to maintain and boost project health by identifying issues with overall project status displays and individual health scores of elements. Designers can interpret project gaps and lags, allowing them to address concerns faster to keep projects on track.
  • A new Integration Dashboard simplifies API testing and data management for designers by enabling easy project downloads, versatile data requests in multiple formats, and smooth import processes.
  • A view of project-wide settings and configurations in one convenient place makes it easier for users to modify project names and descriptions, access code compilation details, and perform additional tasks.

Navigation and Performance Enhancement

The designer experience receives a significant overhaul in V.9, ensuring better navigation, rule management, and performance enhancement. Navigation is refined with updated product headers, page backgrounds, dialogs, and default case dashboards.

Rule Set Management has undergone a redesign, enabling efficient creation, management, testing, and deployment of rule sets through detailed list displays and improved visualization.

Moreover, performance gets a boost of 15-20%, optimizing processes such as running flows across clusters and speeding up case creation time by 50%.

Optimization with Process Mining

V.9 debuts process mining to take automation to the next level by constantly optimizing processes for maximum efficiency. The Decisions platform streamlines development efforts to execute processes with ease, while the process mining functionality makes sure processes are continuously optimized.

With a single click, a process mining instant analysis provides users with actionable insights into processes, including duration, variant, and attribute values, delivered directly to their inbox. Customers can quickly identify issues and fix them to ensure processes are always set up correctly and running optimally.

With its host of enhancements, including ProjectHub, new views, updated designer experience, and advanced process mining capabilities, V.9 empowers users to streamline their project management, boost performance, and achieve design excellence at exceedingly high levels.

Next Steps

For more information on Decisions V.9, you can learn more on our website or schedule time to talk with your account manager about downloading Decisions V.9 and training.

Cecelia Troyan
Cecelia Troyan is a content strategist and writer at Decisions. She is passionate about accessible digital content and communication.

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