Key Benefits of Intelligent Process Automation

October 21, 2019

Organizations are under constant pressure to increase productivity, widen profit margins, and do more with less. But to achieve these goals, organizations need the right tools and resources in place—and it all starts with intelligent process automation (IPA).

By combining business rule decisioning and workflow automation, organizations can implement new digital innovations as a means of alleviating demands on internal teams. A wide range of important but menial business tasks can be offloaded to an IPA solution, freeing up human capital to be reallocated to more high-level tasks.

With better management of your workers and your internal assets, your organization can increase productivity while supporting continued transformation in the future. Here’s a look at the tangible benefits intelligent process automation offers to organizations.

Faster Completion of Menial Tasks

Intelligent process automation can process even complicated projects much faster than a human worker. Faster processing saves your organization from workflow bottlenecks that can develop when manual processing isn’t able to keep up with demands.

IPA can also process this information in real time, instead of using the batch approach more common when human workers are processing information. Your company is then able to access better, more up-to-date information than what was previously possible.

Reduced Error Rates

Human errors are an unavoidable part of life when processes and data are being handled manually. Intelligent process automation offers a much more efficient, error-free alternative.

By automating processes that manage spreadsheets, documents, financial data, and a wide range of other business materials, your organization can reduce data errors to almost zero. IPA can even be used to scan and read paperwork filled out by hand; machine learning technology is able to decipher poor handwriting with a high degree of accuracy and in a fraction of the amount of time that it would take a human employee.

Not only is your resulting data more accurate, but it’s also available to your organization faster, and the company has to expend fewer resources correcting errors introduced by human workers.

Better Performance Data

Because business tasks are now being automated through an intelligent process solution, your organization can access better business data than what was previously available. The machine-learning capabilities of intelligent process automation make it easier to identify patterns in performance and even make predictions of future performance and trends.

Reports generated from this data can help you identify strengths and weaknesses in both the customer experience and your internal operations. IPA data can give you the insights you need to make your organization more efficient—even outside of the work being automated by this solution—by reducing unnecessary expenses, optimizing resource allocation, and improving enforcement of business rules, among other insight-driven benefits.

Scalable Performance

Like many software solutions, intelligent process automation can handle many more simultaneous tasks than what your human workforce is capable of. Decisions is capable of scaling both vertically and horizontally, depending on which approach will best serve your mission-critical processes.

This reduces wait times and processing times for a variety of business tasks, and it means you can comfortably grow your business without experiencing a drop-off in performance or an urgent need to hire new staff. Fast operation at scale ultimately makes a difference for your bottom line, increasing your capacity for revenue generation while also reducing processing costs to widen your profit margin.

24/7 Support for Customers

With intelligent process automation, certain tasks and services can be completed without any human involvement—which can result in faster response times for customer service inquiries.

An IPA solution can handle work at any time of day, conducting a wide range of activities such as delivering event-triggered messaging or allowing customers to manage their accounts outside of regular business hours. This capability improves your overall customer experience while smoothing out the occasional workload spikes that can develop during periods of high demand.


Businesses today are in a constant rat race to increase their efficiency, their productivity, and their overall output. For your employees, this can quickly become overwhelming and demoralizing, especially without the right resources and tools in place to help them succeed.

Intelligent process automation is a huge step in the right direction as you look for ways to implement a better approach to doing business. With this scalable solution in place, you can reimagine what’s possible as you unlock new capabilities to modernize your business.

Gordon Jones
Gordon Jones has founded and sold three companies with the last built using Decisions technology. He has also led factories and large IT implementations both in the US and in Asia, where he lived for over seven years.

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