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The Problem : Printing documents from Decisions to a local printer to enable staff to carry out their job.

February 19, 2014

This was a great post by one of our partners.


Background : The Decisions Workflow Product is creating documents that need to be sent by post, this could be an invoice, a letter or maybe a payslip. Whatever it is it needs printing.

Issue : Staff have to remember to download the documents and print them, what happens if [they’re] not printed, surely if printing is part of the Decisions Workflow process it needs to be check and reported on. If not the process hasn’t really finished, why not extend that Decisions Workflow to include the Printing of the Document, why not add a QR code to that document so when its received back to your organization It can be scanned and added in to Decisions with ease and NO need to staff to file the document manually. (QR codes on documents blog coming soon)

Answer : The Answer is Managed Desktop’s Printing solution for Decisions! You can print to any printer in the world using Google Cloud Print. Add the Google Cloud Print or standard Printer to your Google Cloud Print Printers list and within Decisions add in the Toolbox item > Managed Desktop > Google > Cloud Print > Print document. Define the document to print as part of the Decisions Workflow and your ready to print that document as part of the process.  — Run the flow and see it print. works with all document types or pictures!


This post was written by Jon Hallam with Managed Desktop.

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