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What Does No-Code Software Really Mean for End Users?

January 23, 2020

You’ve heard about no-code software for various business solutions, but do you understand how this software works and how it can improve your daily business operations?

Business professionals rely on a number of software solutions to perform day-to-day tasks. However, they’re often left out of the development process entirely, and instead rely on intuitive developers to understand their needs when creating those solutions.

No-code software offers a potential solution to the gaps that develop between IT and the business professionals they serve, giving you greater control over your software and your on-the-job performance. Here’s a look at the key benefits of using no-code software.

Agile Software = Accelerated Work

No-code software puts software development into the hands of the business professionals using that software. As an end user, you can create a custom application that serves your specific needs—and, as those needs change over time, you can make adjustments to that application to better support you in your role.

By utilizing no-code development instead of traditional development methods, end users reap the benefits of agile software that can quickly be customized without lengthy development periods. A simple design process makes it easy to update software, which minimizes downtime and enables faster results on an individual and department-wide level.

Easy Validation During the Design Process

Because a no-code design platform offers drag-and-drop functionality, it’s easy to validate changes on the fly as pre-developed elements are added to your application. When a validation error arises, your design platform can immediately alert you to the error and let you know what isn’t working.

These validation errors can range from missing or incomplete data to integration or configuration issues. Unlike in a typical coded development environment, the issue is easily identified by the no-code platform, allowing even application design novices to address the validation errors and build a fully functional solution.

High-Level Planning and Project Visualization

Instead of being stuck in the weeds dealing with code for weeks and months on end, end users involved in app development can manage these processes with clean visualizations of high-level plans for each step in a business process. This has a direct impact on your ability to not only design a cohesive, value-added application, but also to effectively manage the development process, even if you lack a granular understanding of application development.

For example, the entire workflow of a business process application can be viewed at a high level to support planning, collaboration, and project workflow management. End users can track the status of various workflows and tasks and delegate tasks as needed to quickly build a business application that fulfills its intended function for the organization.

Building Workflows with Business Logic

No-code development is made possible through the use of software development kits (SDKs), which provide drag-and-drop elements to build no-code applications that offer exceptional functionality for business users. In a similar way, the workflows used by your organization can be saved and reused for multiple applications, resulting in greater value from a no-code platform the longer you use it.

Any business process can be saved and reapplied across a limitless number of applications, which can cut down significantly on development time in the future. Even though these workflows are easy for end users to create on their own, they still take time, and being able to repurpose these elements will improve your efficiency and productivity as an organization.

You can also control permissions for these workflows to make sure they aren’t edited or changed by the wrong personnel. If, for example, someone in finance creates a business process workflow for a financial application, you can restrict edit permissions so that an end user in sales and marketing can’t augment that workflow for their own purposes, which could create problems in the future when that workflow is reused.

Instead, you can create and protect this intellectual property and use it to create new efficiencies when building future applications.

Developing Is for Everyone

Application development is critical to business operations, but you shouldn’t have to rely on developers to create custom solutions to serve your specific needs. With a no-code platform, end users can take control of their relationship with business software, quickly creating tools and solutions that help them do their jobs better than ever before.

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Gordon Jones
Gordon Jones has founded and sold three companies with the last built using Decisions technology. He has also led factories and large IT implementations both in the US and in Asia, where he lived for over seven years.

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