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4 Benefits of Process Mining

March 1, 2023

Once your team has embraced process automation, you may think the hard work is behind you. It’s estimated that 83% of business decision makers plan to increase the adoption of process optimization in customer journey mapping and 57% of them are planning to increase it significantly. While process automation is becoming integral for many organizations, it comes with its own set of challenges. 


How to Analyze Your Processes

Once you’ve automated your most tedious tasks, how can you guarantee your processes are working as they should? 

Process mining is the next step in automation that identifies what tasks within your workflows benefit the most from automation. Mining agents digest complex data into visual dashboards, identifying issues such as bottlenecks and rework loops, highlighting the best areas to focus improvement efforts. This information helps increase your automation speed and accuracy, resulting in even greater savings and faster time to market. 

Some questions that process mining helps answer include: 

  • Are my processes working as designed?
  • Have any inefficiencies or undesirable variations been detected, and how can I best improve them? 
  • Which process errors would I like to detect immediately?
  • Where would I like to increase transparency to help avoid poor performance? 

Having the insight to answer these questions helps your team optimize your current workflows, create supporting workflows, and quickly increase your ROI. Check out these four benefits of process mining and their role in elevating your process automation effectiveness:

1. Improved efficiency

Inefficiencies exist in your business right now, but identifying which ones cause the greatest complications isn’t always easy. Process mining visualizes your business processes, providing insight to the bottlenecks and inefficiencies your team may otherwise be blind to. Once identified, your team can confidently change your processes to improve overall productivity. 

2. Cost reduction

In addition to increasing productivity, the elimination of wasted time and resources within inefficient processes reduces unnecessary costs. 

3. Increased transparency

As a user of business process automation, you may already be receiving more data than you’ve ever had before. Process mining gives you the proper tools to interpret and apply that data into actionable insights. This increased transparency helps you identify areas for improvement and achieve optimal results at a much lower cost. 

4. Compliance monitoring

Many industries, such as financial services and healthcare, are subject to specific regulations and standards. Process mining helps monitor compliance with these regulations and immediately alerts you to errors and inconsistencies.

Keep Your Processes Working For You 

As organizations become more reliant on process automation for their business operations, the optimization of workflows is essential in reducing processing errors, improving customer experience, and streamlining business efficiency. Identifying bottlenecks, rework, and processing errors will become a best-practice standard to improve the customer experience and keep ahead of competitors.  

By using process mining to gain a better understanding of how your business processes work, you can make the necessary adjustments to optimize your operations, stay compliant, and gain a competitive edge. 

Ready to dive into your workflows and keep your processes working for you? Our automation experts are ready to help!

Cecelia Troyan
Cecelia Troyan is a content strategist and writer at Decisions. She is passionate about accessible digital content and communication.

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