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Decisions 4.0 Feature Preview: Flows

November 10, 2016

Over the coming weeks as we prepare for Decisions 4.0 to graduate from beta we’ll be sharing a few feature previews. This preview will focus on the new features in the workflow designer. Enjoy!


Streamlined Flow (and form/rule/report) Creation Process


New Designer Look

The flow designer and related dialogs have been redesigned for more clarity and easier understanding of the nature of the flow.


New Designer Look: Selection Layer

One of the most significant changes is addition of a ‘selection layer’ that shows a logical view of the diagram (which steps are connected to which) as well as provide a focused place to edit and manipulate a step.


Step Browsing: By Data  (Data Explorer)


In large projects one of the challenges is knowing which steps are changing what data. Decisions 4.0 introduces functionality to highlight/select steps that use or output different data variables.


Step Browsing: By Type



Steps can be multi selected and edited in groups (common properties) as well as aligned or moved together.


Step Location : By Data



The largest part of the learning curve in Decisions has been learning where steps are and which steps do what function.  Being able to find steps by the data they use/need is a step towards making it easier.  You first select a data member, and it will show you steps that use this data.


Step Location : Search


Search is a theme across all designers.  The flow designer has much better searching for finding steps.


New Debugger (with customizable data views)

The debugger has been fully redesigned to support better analysis.  Custom reports (using the report writer) can be created to provide specific data views.


Integrated Unit Tests in Debugger


Unit tests are fully integrated into debugger allowing easy creation and editing of unit test data.


Live Data Integration

When you have complex data, especially data coming from other systems, being able to see examples of the data (the actual values) is useful often in finding and using the right variable.

We’d be happy to show you this on a demo!


Extend Flow Builder with Custom Actions

The flow builder is able to be extended using flows.  Additional actions can be created to do things like assign tasks in an external task system, provide additional helpers and other integrations.

 We’d be happy to show you this on a demo!


 Stay tuned for another feature preview of Decisions 4.0 coming soon!

Kevin Lindquist
A Crocker Innovation Fellow with a degree from Brigham Young University, Kevin has a rich history in identifying pains and applying technology solutions. He has worked with a number of startups and success stories in the software and hardware space from Silicon Valley, The Silicon Slopes, and abroad including: Square, ASUS, and Fundly along with consultative roles at other Utah technology startups. He has been mentored by a number of highly successful individuals, including an Entrepreneur in Residence at Disney, multiple venture capitalists, and thought leaders in the world of technology and entrepreneurship. Kevin has a deep appreciation for entrepreneurship and a passion for internet technology. He is constantly seeking ways to contribute to the next generation of web enabled tools, a primary reason for his involvement with Decisions.

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