Delivering healthcare is an extremely complex process executed by intelligent well-trained professionals. The Decisions platform provides a rules-based healthcare workflow solution that enables these highly skilled workers more control in automating the process. The people who understand the processes can change the things that really matter.

Primary Benefits

  • Improve revenue cycle management
  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Streamline clinical research
  • Share data and stay compliant

Who Uses Decisions

  • Wellness and health monitoring services
  • Home health providers
  • Healthcare plan providers, managed Care providers, and provider networks
  • Clinical researchers

Case Management in Healthcare: It’s Not Just About Patients


Streamline Clinical Research

Leverage rules to manage clinical trials and medical research. The robustness of Decisions supports large complex scientific studies.

  • Deploy dynamic questionnaires to collect pertinent data
  • Automate the enrollment of study participants
  • Automate research workflows for cleaner more actionable data
  • Enable researchers to build edit and maintain eCRF forms
Streamline Clinical Research

Share Data and Stay Compliant with System Integration and ETL

Given the complexity of healthcare, it’s a common need for different systems to interact. Decisions can help systems and people communicate, especially if actions are required by individuals or if data needs to be transformed along the way.

Share Data and Stay Compliant with System Integration and ETL

HL7 & FHIR Support

The Decisions HL7 integration engine helps healthcare providers connect the various systems to reduce data entry costs and error rates. Connect systems such as:

  • Practice management systems
  • Legacy systems
  • Payment systems

Ensure Compliance

The Decisions rules engine allows healthcare clients to customize and automate workflows that enforce HIPAA standards at all times, boosting performance without compromising compliance.


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