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Maximizing Efficiency with Process Automation in Real-Time Payment Systems

April 14, 2023

The speed and security of payment processing is always increasing, and close on its heels is a growing demand for alternative payment methods. Real-time payments (RTPs) are electronic transitions that occur instantaneously within a secure online environment. RTPs offer the ability to transfer funds instantaneously, generously benefiting businesses and consumers alike. However, implementing this technology can present challenges – and that’s where process automation comes in. 

Process automation is a powerful tool that enables financial institutions and businesses to streamline their operations and automate many of the tasks associated with RTPs. Here are just a few of the ways that process automation tools can benefit your business when it comes to payment modernization:

Speed and Accuracy

When it comes to RTPs, speed is everything. Imagine you’re a small business owner who needs to pay your suppliers for goods delivered. Your transactions need to be processed quickly and accurately to avoid any delays and errors that may impact your business operations or ability to serve your customers. RTPs let you process transactions instantly while process automation ensures all payments being made are accurate. 

By automating the manual tasks associated with payment processing, such as data entry and validation checks, you reduce the risk of processing errors and expedite payment processing cycle times. 

Improved Customer Experience

Providing an exceptional customer experience is a top priority for every business. Customers want their transactions processed quickly and efficiently, with minimal effort on their own part. Process automation helps you deliver on these expectations by reducing the time it takes to complete a transaction and minimizing the potential for errors or delays. Overtime, this fast and hassle-free payment experience builds trust and loyalty with your customer base, improving retention, enabling revenue expansion opportunities, and attracting new customers in the process. 

Simplified compliance

Maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements is crucial for businesses and financial institutions. This can be especially challenging when handling RTPs. Process automation platforms enable you to quickly and easily build workflows that comply with regulatory requirements. This includes essential checks such as anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) requirements, as well as PCI/DSS compliance, which ensures sensitive payment card information is kept secure and protected from unauthorized access. 

Many platforms also offer real-time monitoring and reporting features that provide an easy way to track and report on their compliance efforts, ensuring they remain in compliance with regulatory requirements at all times. 


To support the high transaction volume demands of RTPs, businesses require scalable solutions that can handle varying volumes of transactions without downtime or delays. Process automation helps achieve this level of reliable scalability, as it provides cloud-based hosting that can easily adapt to changing transaction volumes.

This flexibility is particularly important during times of high transaction volumes or when facing an increase in demand for RTPs. Leveraging process automation ensures your operation is always ready to handle whatever level and types of transactions come its way. 

Decisions no-code rules-based business process automation platform offers numerous benefits for financial institutions and businesses looking to modernize their payment systems. By automating the manual tasks associated with RTPs, financial institutions can improve speed and accuracy, enhance the customer experience, simplify compliance, and achieve high degrees of scalability. This ultimately helps you stay ahead of the curve when it comes to payment modernization, and provide your customers with the exceptional service they expect.

To learn more about process automation and how it can support your payment modernization efforts, connect with a member of our team today.

Cecelia Troyan
Cecelia Troyan is a content strategist at Decisions. She shares the Decisions vision through the development and delivery of compelling and accessible content.

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