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Process Mining: Essential Tools and Tips

July 20, 2023

Congratulations on embracing digital transformation and automating your business processes! But the work doesn’t end there. Now, it’s time to dig into the data and ensure everything is running smoothly.

Process mining is here to help, providing valuable insights into your workflows. With this data-driven approach, business leaders can make informed decisions and drive impactful changes to optimize their processes. After all, you’ve invested a lot of time and resources into your automation solution, and we want to ensure that investment pays off

Let’s explore some of the essential tools of process mining and tips on how to best leverage them to achieve optimal workflow outcomes.

Visual Analyzers

Process mining tools offer a wealth of insight through their visual analyzers, presenting process flows in an intuitive way. With a quick glance, decision-makers can spot inefficiencies and pinpoint process steps needing attention. For example, a retail organization can use these visual analyzers to identify customer behavior patterns, optimize store layouts, and streamline checkouts.

Tip: Focus on Interactive Exploration

When using visual analyzers, take advantage of their interactive nature. Filter and drill down into specific process steps or time periods to uncover hidden patterns and root causes of inefficiencies. By interacting with the visual representation, you can gain a deeper understanding of the process and identify key areas that require immediate attention.

Compliance Checkers

Compliance checkers validate process adherence to regulatory requirements and internal policies. This capability helps organizations ensure compliance with industry standards and minimize the risk of non-compliance penalties. For example, a financial institution can use compliance checkers to monitor loan application processes, ensuring adherence to legal and regulatory guidelines.

Tip: Automate Compliance Monitoring

Optimize compliance monitoring by automating regular checks and alerts in your process mining tool. This proactive approach ensures that potential compliance violations are detected promptly, allowing your organization to take corrective actions before they escalate into major problems.

End-User Interviews

To maximize the impact of process mining, organizations can actively engage with end-users through interviews and workshops as part of their process mining strategy. These interactions provide a deeper understanding of how processes are actually executed on the ground, revealing pain points, workarounds, and user perspectives.

The unique insights can serve as a catalyst for re-envisioning projects and processes. By involving end-users in the design phase, organizations can co-create solutions that align with their needs and expectations. For example, a manufacturing company can interview production line operators to identify process bottlenecks, leading to redesigned workflows that reduce downtime and increase productivity.

Tip: Involve a Diverse Group of End-Users

When conducting end-user interviews, aim to involve a diverse group of individuals who interact with the process from different perspectives. Include employees from various roles and departments to capture a comprehensive view of the process execution. This diversity will provide you with a well-rounded understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the process, enabling you to design solutions that cater to the needs of all stakeholders.

Next Steps

Process mining is reshaping the game, empowering organizations to uncover opportunities and optimize operations like never before. It’s time to leave guesswork behind and embrace a data-driven approach that delivers impactful results.

To dive deeper into the world of user-driven process mining and achieve optimal workflow outcomes, you need the right skills and knowledge. Check-out our upcoming webinar, “Analyze, Identify, Improve: User-Driven Process Mining,” where industry experts will share practical insights and strategies for success.

Cecelia Troyan
Cecelia Troyan is a content strategist and writer at Decisions. She is passionate about accessible digital content and communication.

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