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Transforming Text-Based Tasks with ChatGPT and Decisions

August 18, 2023


We’ve all experienced the drag of the clock while sitting at our desks, tackling those repetitive tasks that seem to steal far too much of our day. It may be hard to picture a workday where these tasks are completed automatically, leaving you free to dedicate your time to more thoughtful, engaging work. Decisions customers are no stranger to enjoying these benefits, but now, with the ability to integrate ChatGPT into your workflow, text-based tasks like updating text fields in Salesforce or refining sales communication can be accomplished with remarkable ease and efficiency. This not only puts time back on your calendar, but ensures these tasks are universally accomplished with precision and consistency. 

Let’s delve into a few examples of how you can infuse AI into your workflows to ramp up efficiency and keep the monotony at bay, allowing your team to truly shine.

Example 1: Simplifying Company Description Updates

Chances are, your organization has already invested in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to track customer data. According to recent statistics, 91% of businesses with over 11 employees use CRMs and report a significant enhancement in their customer relationships.

As helpful as CRMs have proven to be, they are not always automated. Many CRMs still require manual data entry to keep crucial information up-to-date. Consider the time you’ve spent, perhaps hours cumulatively, refining and updating company descriptions and other data in your CRM to ensure uniformity and accuracy. This challenge, commonly faced by sales representatives, can be resolved by harnessing the joint capabilities of ChatGPT and Decisions. 

By seamlessly integrating your CRM with Decisions, and incorporating our ChatGPT module, you open the door to a new level of efficiency. Textual insights are effortlessly extracted from your CRM, then refined using the advanced algorithms of ChatGPT. Once refined, this data flows back into your CRM system, all without the need for manual intervention. An added asset is Decisions’ merge text editor, which allows you to craft personalized prompts that align with specific variables from your CRM data.

Consider this: If your business relies on Salesforce, you can design a Decisions workflow that expertly extracts information from Salesforce, processes it through ChatGPT, and subsequently updates your company descriptions automatically. This partnership elevates your operations and ensures your CRM remains a dynamic source of accurate information.

Example 2: Automated Email Preparation for Sales Reps

Within the sales ecosystems, we know that well-informed sales conversations play a key role in achieving results. However, it’s concerning that 42% of salespeople admit to feeling unprepared for these interactions. Adding to this concern, 71% of sales reps express frustration at the substantial time they spend on data entry within their roles.

Now, picture a revamped workflow where automated emails, enriched with pertinent company data, stand ready for your sales team ahead of these vital calls. This transformation would eliminate the need for time-consuming, pre-meeting preparations, and ensure your team has access to the latest and most precise information. 

Now, let’s consider a scenario involving your team’s use of Salesforce. In this setting, a tailored Decisions workflow extracts pertinent details from upcoming meetings. This data is then directed to ChatGPT, where it’s refined into insightful knowledge. These insights could span company background, recent advancements, industry trends, and even potential challenges or pain points the company might be facing. 

Following this, the company overview undergoes processing via Decisions and is subsequently transformed into HTML-formatted emails. These emails are dispatched to your sales team, equipping them with the information necessary to create impactful customer interactions.

Next Steps

The collaboration between ChatGPT and the Decisions platform offers a practical solution for automating repetitive tasks, increasing efficiency, and improving interactions with clients and prospects. This advancement empowers businesses to redirect their focus to high-value activities while minimizing the demand for manual efforts. To learn more about these possibilities, you can watch the recording of our webinar, where these example use cases are demonstrated. If you’re ready to take action, get in contact with a Decisions expert today and learn how AI-powered solutions can fit into your business processes.

Cecelia Troyan
Cecelia Troyan is a content strategist and writer at Decisions. She is passionate about accessible digital content and communication.

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