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Decisions Platform: Rules and Workflow on Microsoft Azure

by Carl Hewitt, on September 28, 2012
With our 2.2 release, we are fully supporting being hosted on Microsoft Azure. We are pretty excited that our leading rule and workflow platform can now in this cloud! With Azure, Microsoft has reduced much of …

Decisions Platform: Rules and Workflow on Amazon AWS

by Carl Hewitt, on September 27, 2012
We recently announced support for Microsoft Azure, however, wanted to highlight something that we have had for quite a while - ability to run on and integrate with the Amazon AWS cloud services. Our support for …

Introducing Decisions 2.2: Workflow Automation Just Got Even Better!

by Kevin Lindquist, on September 21, 2012
The wheel in the sky has continued to turn, and we are very happy to announce the release of Decisions 2.2! (Journey has a regular spot in our daily playlist if you haven't noticed.) Over …

Top 20 Platform Features: XAML/Silverlight UI and Workflow Automation

by Carl Hewitt, on August 27, 2012
Because the Decisions Platform is targeted at rule and process intensive business applications - and has a full set of business focused design technologies that all our customers applications to be customized and tuned without …

Why Blog About Decisions?

by Carl Hewitt, on July 27, 2012
I do not like business books. Generally, do not like blogs either.  Here is my reasoning, if these guys were so good - they would NOT be sharing their scarce thoughts with the world. Would you rather …

Telephony in Workflow Automation

by Carl Hewitt, on May 6, 2012
The decisions workflow engine can be used to handle the backend of both SMS and IVR (interactive voice response) telephony integration. We do this by integrating with both Twilio and Plivo who provide an API …

Business Process Management Factory?

by Carl Hewitt, on May 4, 2012
Creating software is hard… Automating processes is even harder because it combines the discipline of having to create software (structure data, produce language, interact with a user) as well as the need to bring along the …

Workflow Automation with Silverlight and HTML 5

by Carl Hewitt, on May 2, 2012
Decisions, a workflow automation platform, was an early adopter of Silverlight. Working with SL since the first beta release, we have been overall very happy with it. Being able to process and manage the user …

Clever Little Applications: Workflow, Business Rules, and More

by Carl Hewitt, on April 25, 2012
There will soon be a software application for every business need. There is no shortage of people out there building software for very specialized niches. An example of this was an employee who said ‘we really …

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